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Griffin Football Concludes an Amazing First Season
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If you are interested in applying or would like to learn more please come to our Open House on December 7th, 2016 at 6pm at 1443 N. Ogden!  Find the online application here.


The Noble Academy represents a new and groundbreaking era of meaningful school choice for Chicago Public School students and families. The Noble Academy is a collaboration between Noble and Phillips Exeter Academy of New Hampshire and brings small group, student-centered Harkness® instruction to Chicago. With this collaboration, we offer Chicago's students a truly world-class secondary school experience. Moreover, The Noble Academy attracts and serves all sectors in the city. Ultimately, The Noble Academy is poised to transform the landscape of school choice in Chicago.

Along with its focus on Harkness instruction, The Academy will continue the Noble tradition of preparing students with the scholarship, discipline and honor necessary to succeed in college. To that end, The Noble Academy seeks competitive college placement for all its students.  The Academy produces engaged, socially responsible college graduates through academic rigor and a structured environment.

We invite you to further explore the Harkness Method of teaching and the collaboration with Phillips Exeter Academy on our website and contact us with any further questions.

The Harkness Method