Exeter and Noble - an innovative Private/Public Collaboration

With much fanfare, Phillips Exeter Academy announced its collaboration with Noble in its fall 2013 Bulletin. As featured in its article:

“Beginning this year, Exeter will take a more comprehensive approach to sharing our teaching philosophy when we collaborate to help Noble implement Harkness teaching in a new school, slated to open in Chicago in the fall of 2014.”

Specifics of The Noble Academy and Phillips Exeter Collaboration

In the fall of 2007, Associate Dean of Faculty Rosanna Salcedo and the Principal of the Exeter Summer School Ethan Shapiro made a Summer School recruiting trip to Chicago and were introduced to the Noble Network of Charter Schools.

  • Following this initial visit, Pritzker Principal Pablo Sierra brought his entire faculty to Exeter Summer School to introduce them to Harkness teaching – it was an instant hit.
  • Exeter Principal Tom Hassan has emphasized a commitment to extending the reach of Harkness beyond the campus in New Hampshire – Noble has become their focus.
  • Exeter will take a more comprehensive approach to sharing their teaching philosophy to help Noble implement Harkness teaching in The Noble Academy.
  • Exeter will be committed in unprecedented levels and go beyond the traditional one-week workshops to help us create a school environment where student-centered learning and critical thinking become a part of the Noble culture.
  • Exeter and Noble are excited by this project because both sides recognize that both have much to learn from one another.
  • The collaboration provides a great opportunity for Exeter to test assumptions about Harkness teaching and learning and to come up with metrics for measuring the success of the project.