Meet Our Staff

Ms. Bermudez - College Counselor 
Mrs. Boros - Principal
Ms. Colgan - Dean of Students
Ms. Conroy - 9th Grade Civics + Internal Harkness Mentor
Ms. Daniel - Choir Director 
Mr. DeFauw - 12th Grade Math Teacher
Ms. Delgado - Paraprofessional
Ms. Flores - Office Manager
Ms. Gerner - Learning Specialist 
Mr. Green - Athletic Director, PE Teacher, 12th Grade ELA Teacher 

Ms. Hafner - 9th-12th Grade ELA Teacher

Ms. Hanson - 9th-12th Grade Science Teacher
Mr. Harris - Teacher at Large, 12th Grade Euro History Teacher 
Ms. Herrera - Paraprofessional 
Ms. Johnson - 9th-11th Grade Math Teacher
Ms. Kelenyi - 9th Grade Comp Teacher
Mr. Krahulec - 9th Grade Science Teacher
Ms. Lampkins - Assistant Principal
Ms. Marous - Social Worker
Ms. Meraz- Administrative Assistant
Ms. Miner - 9th Grade World Literature 
Mr. Mirabile - PE Teacher
Mr. Mireles - Culture Team, Facilities Director 
Ms. Montanez - Culture Team
Ms. O’Connor - Learning Specialist 
Ms. Paiz - Director of College Counseling
Ms. Plate - 12th Grade Euro History Teacher
Mr. Raines - Asst. Dean of Culture 
Mrs. Richardt - 10-11th Grade Physics + Internal Harkness Mentor 
Mr. Rocks - Band Director  
Ms. Rogers - Assistant Principal
Mr. Rothgeb - 10th-12th Grade Math Teacher
Mr. Schafft - 10th-11thGrade ELA Teacher
Ms. Schwartzman - Teacher at Large, 9th Grade Math Teacher
Mr. Serwe - 10th-12th Grade Science Teacher
Mr. Tabatowski - 10th-12th Grade Russian Teacher
Ms. Traubert - 9th, 12th Grade ELA Teacher
Mr. Velgach - 11th Grade United States History, Russian, PE Teacher 
Ms. Weingartner - Assistant Principal 
Ms. Wessels - 10th-11th Grade History Teacher
Ms. Wilson - College Counselor
Ms. Witt- 9th Grade Learning Specialist and Case Manager