Teaching at The Noble Academy

Teaching at The Noble Academy provides unique opportunities within education and our network to introduce the students of Chicago to The Harkness Method of instruction.

At The Noble Academy, we believe that given the right resources and learning environment, every student can succeed, regardless of circumstances.  Our teachers are the key to this success, and The Academy allows teachers the freedom to do what they do best: teach.  Our strong culture reinforces a calm learning environment free of distractions and a focus on academics.  As our network grows, The Noble Academy is constantly in search of the best teachers to educate our students.

Our Hiring Tenets:

  • Freedom to hire the absolute best teachers, regardless of credentials;
  • Competitive and performance-based compensation;
  • Data-driven network-wide professional development;
  • Collaborative and supportive teaching environment;
  • Many opportunities for growth and leadership development;
  • Teacher autonomy and greater flexibility over curriculum – we focus on results, not the process;
  • Longer and more focused direct instructional time; and
  • A commitment to hiring a diverse workforce reflective of our diverse student body.

Professional Development

The collaboration with Phillips Exeter Academy provides The Noble Academy teachers with extensive opportunities for growth as a Harkness instructor.  New teachers spend a week at Exeter over the summer learning how to best teach using the Harkness Method.  All core content teachers are paired with a Master Teacher at Exeter for on-going mentorship and support.  Teacher and mentors frequently travel back and forth to further grow as professionals.

The Noble Academy and Noble are uniquely focused on data-driven continuous improvement.  Four times per year, all Noble teachers come together for "Network PD" following quarterly student assessments.  Teachers meet in small groups organized by grade and subject area to discuss results, share best practices, and strategize for the upcoming quarter.  It is because of this collaborative process that Noble has been able to improve students' academic success as we have expanded.  More smart educators around the table sharing strategies translates into better student results.

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