Summer Homework Grades 10-12

If you have questions about your homework, you should reach out to your teacher and/or your Advisor. The TNA Staff Directory can be found here.


Homework for grades 10 & 11 can be found below. NOTE: If you recieved an email from a teacher (Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Hafner, Mr. Velgach) with homework for a specific AP course, that HW should be completed for AP Stats, APUSH, AP Lit.

10th & 11th Grade Math 

10th & 11th Grade Russian 1

US History (1 of 2, must complete both)

US History (2 of 2, must complete both)


Hi Seniors! 

We're excited to see you! Only certain classes have summer homework this year - and it should not take too long to complete. You can either pick up your schedule from our main office beginning Tuesday, 21st or wait until Orientation. Either way, there is ample enough time to complete any homework (if you have it) before Monday. 

Enjoy these last few days!

Senior Integrated Math 4


AP Calculus

Senior Literature 

AP Literature

AP Comparative Politics