Why The Noble Academy

In the fall of 2013, our sister campus – Pritzker College Prep - decided to engage two freshmen classes of 15 students in student centered seminar discussion - better known as Harkness.

Can students really learn by simply talking to each other?

Here were the results:
  • 13% of the students scored a perfect 25 on EXPLORE Reading.
  • 30% of the students scored a near perfect 24 – meaning that a total of almost half scored near perfect on Reading.
  • 77% scored 21 or over where college ready is considered a 22 - remember these are freshmen!
  • A few students in this group scored in the high twenties on the ACT – at the end of their freshmen year.
  • Finally, their average reading score of 21.7 surpassed the Noble Network high on the ACT in Reading of 21.6 (UIC) and Pritzker's own 20.6.

Not only did the Harkness freshmen cohort already reach college level readying scores two years ahead of schedule, they grew over 3 points in a single year – a historical network high!

Why Harkness Works

As opposed to teacher-centered classrooms of 30+ students, Harkness allows a small group of students to sit around an oval-like table. The teacher guides and promotes discussion as the students collaborate and discuss - rather than compete - and use critical thinking skills to come to a better understanding of the material at hand. Learn more about the Harkness method.

Harkness Method